10 Facts Why Technology in Farm Management

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Many people wonder how can technology help them in farm management. To solve this mistery, we have prepared 10 facts why technology is important part of farm management, with Agrivi as an example.

1. Cover your eyes, what do you see? Managing farm without tracking all activities, inputs and outputs is like driving with your eyes covered and not knowing where will you arrive and will your survive till you get there. Planning activities is important to know how much work and money you have to invest to achieve your planned yield. Information from history helps you to make plans and decisions based on facts and experience.

2. Time is money You can make plans and track activities, finance, inventory and everything else in your head, on a paper, in Excel, or with an intelligent farm management software like Agrivi. The time you spend on tracking everything is the time you are not focused on important things. Technology boosts you by doing a lot of things instead of you and gives you time to do your job in a best possible way - not in a hurry.

3. The art of remembering How many times have you forgot to do something? Do you remember how much work, fuel, pesticides and fertilizers you have spent 2 years ago and how did it reflect on your yield? Agrivi remembers it for you and not only you don't have to remember it, it also provides you with key performance indicators in a second (you would need hours to calculate that if you would have all data prepared) and sends you reminders for due tasks so you don't forget to execute them.

4. Have your information anytime and anywhere You are not at home or in the office where your documentation is located? Don't worry. You can access Agrivi from any location and any computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your documents and all informations is accessible to you all the time.

5. Make your production optimal With enough time and all information prepared, you can easily identify what are your bottlenecks, eliminate them and make your production process optimal. Stop spending time and money where it doesn't give effect and invest in inputs and activities that will help you to increase yield quantity and quality.

6. Learn new things New and better ways of growing crops are coming every day. It takes a lot of time and effort to find out about all the new possibilities. Agrivi works with agricultural experts on creating and constant updating of best-practice production processes for more than 50 different crops.

7. Don't fall behind A lot of farmers have accepted technology as a business support tool that will help them improve their production and bring competitive advantage. They will improve for sure. The only question is will you stay where you are or will you join them.

8. Make profit Better planning and organization, optimal production process, smart inputs usage and increased yield quantity and quality will generate more revenue and more profit. Technology as a business support tool helps you to to achieve that.

9. Participate in making agriculture sustainable With 7 calories of input for producing 1 calorie of output and 70% of fresh exploited water used for agriculture, agricultural production today is inefficient and not sustainable. By achieving optimal production and using best practice production processes, you will use natural resources more wisely and give your effort in making global agriculture sustainable.

10. Be relaxed and happy Less paperwork, more time, better organization and improved financial results are just a few of many benefits you will gain by using technology in your agricultural production. These benefits will make you enjoy farm management even more.

happy young man rest on wheat field