Accurate Field Analysis at the Palm on Your Hand

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Agrivi system helps farmers manage their farm production with its powerful features. In order to enhance farmer’s experience of using it, the system is constantly improved with new ones, such as field analytic. It enables farmers to track everything they spend on their fields, with field economy and productivity. In last blog post about field analytics, it has been written about work and machinery hours. Beside work hours, in Agrivi field analytics you can also analyze consumption of fuel, water, fertilizers and pesticides on your fields. To highlight points of interest, all fields are color coded; those with low quantity are colored in green, while those with high quantity in red. In fuel analysis you can analyze fuel quantity per fields, depending on machinery and fuel type. In water analysis, you can choose whether you want to analyze only water from irrigation, only water from rainfall or total water from both sources.




You can make analysis of one or more items at once, per only one or more crops and fields. Just select what you want to analyze, then choose crop, field and item. In fertilizer and pesticide analysis, you can analyze not only total quantity of each item, but also quantity of each nutrient and active substance per field, as you can see in the picture below.



You don’t have to guess on which field you have spent more fertilizers or pesticides – field analytics give you a quick answer. The system helps you manage your production on best possible way.

Analyze spent resources for all your crops and fields by only one click – use Agrivi system.