Accurate Weather Info for Higher Farm Incomes

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Weather plays an important role in agricultural production. It has a profound influence on the growth, development and yields of a crop, incidence of pests and diseases, water needs, fertilizer requirements and timeliness and effectiveness of farm operations, such as ploughing, harrowing, land preparation, weeding, irrigation, manuring, spraying, dusting, harvesting, storage and transport of farm produce. Occurrences of erratic weather are beyond human control. However, it is possible to adapt to or mitigate the effects of adverse weather if a forecast of the expected weather can be had in time. Aiming to help farmers minimize farm losses through proper management of agricultural operations, Agrivi lets you track weather forecasts for each field you have. All you have to do is mark your field on the satellite map in Agrivi system. A detailed weather forecast for next seven days gives you advanced information of weather elements like min and max temperature, occurrence of dew, relative humidity, rainfall, air pressure and wind speed. Based on this information, a farmer is better geared for decision making in crop management including appropriate time for sowing, weeding, fertilizer application and harvesting.

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It's also possible to recognize bad weather conditions and to be more prepared for damage minimization. Agrivi also lets you track weather history. You can check the above listed weather features for each day in the past three years. Based on these past weather conditions you can easily plan your future activities, such as time of sowing, spraying or harvesting.

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Weather forecasts ensure that farmers make informed decisions in order get the best out of their investments and hard work. Make your farming decisions by tracking weather conditions from the comfort of your home. Start using Agrivi NOW!