Agrivi Talk: Daiana Coimbra

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Our customer's satisfaction and success is our goal. This time we have pleasure to present you interview which has been made with Daiana Coimbra, our happy user from Brazil.

Please tell us something about yourself. Where are you from? Where does your passion for agriculture come from? What is your current career occupation?

My husband and I are both Agronomist and business partner in an Ag consultant company called RuralPlan. I'm 31 and my husband 28 year old and we both worked in ag companies known nationally, located in state of Sao Paulo, before we decided to start our own business. RuralPlan is located in Vila Rica, state of Mato Grosso – Brazil, and this region is known as one of the last agricultural frontiers in Brazil. We are current working along to 10 farmers that put together grows 4.300 hectares of soybean as the first crop (We have two crops a year here). In additional, 30% of this land is cultivated with corn as the second crop and 70% is planted with grass to feed their livestock in the second season. We are passion about to bring knowledge to farmers and help them to improve their business. We help our clients with technical knowledge but also give them the financial management support since we have previous experience on that.



What do you think are the main advantages of implementing new technologies in agriculture? Which are latest advancements in AgTech you most excited about?

As a company that are side by side with farmers, we strongly believe that implementing new technologies is not just the best way, but the only way for farmers stay in business nowadays and in the future.

The FAO predicts 60% increase in global demand for food by the year 2050, with 9.15 billion mouths to feed. The rabobank argues that global food and agriculture industry is faced a period with tight margins and confidence in business ebbing away. In additional, this industry is faced an increasing competition for agricultural land and water resources.

Definitely, we have huge challenges ahead of us. So, we need to work hard to achieve such things. But more than that, we need to work smart. And how can we do that? Using technology in our favor.

Technology can help farmers grow more using less. Data can turn into money-saving advice and the effect could be crucial for farmers success. We have plenty of examples, farmers can save money and preserve the water quality when they use precision agriculture that gives them the exact quantity of fertilizer to spread in. Technology like pest alarms can help farmers to scout the pests, so they will spray pesticides just when necessary. Technology like irrigation remote sensors can save immense amounts of water.  In additional, all these technologies in the same time increase the crop yields.

We are excited about softwares like Agrivi that allow farmers easily to use the huge amount of data that they already generate today but don't analyze properly. We also are excited about drone mapping software like DroneDeploy that allow us to scout the fields easily and generate valuable information for farmers.



What are the biggest challenges you faced when managing your business that triggered you towards thinking about investing in Farm Management Software in particular? Are you using any other technologies like remote sensing or drones?

As an Ag consultant company we need to insure the best productivity and profit for our clients, and to do that we need to know everything that is going on in their field and outside this. Our clients trust us to collect, keep records and analyze not just the technical information, but the financial as well. They also want to have access to all this information, updated, in a simple way and from everywhere. Because we have many clients to take care of and each client generates a lot of information, we were failing to deliver the best for them. We tried to use other system, some paper notes and spreadsheets but it was taking too much time and keep us far from the field where the things really happen. So, we decided to investing in Agrivi. We also are using drones, that as well as Agrivi is proving to be indispensable tools for farming.


When you were looking for farm management software to invest in, what were the key requirements that needed to be met by the software to even get your attention?

The software needs to be intuitive, complete, affordable and accessible from everywhere. We don't like to use lots of system to get what we need. Also, we don't want to use a complicated system. The traditional farm management software are not affordable for most of small and middle farmers at all. We have found good system when we was searching for that, but their price really shoked us and our clients.


In your opinion, does investing into data driven decision making ultimately pay off for the farmers? In other words, why do you believe farm management software is worth the effort? What are the biggest benefits?

We believe that nowadays the investment into data is more important than ever and totally pays off for the farmers. When the profit margins are wide, many farmers don't pay attention to many details that they should take care because it not really necessary, but in times of tight profit margins the farmers need to analyze each detail and try to take action to became more efficient and stay in business. As Peter Drucker said, 'If you can't measure it, you can't improve it'. We cannot improve things that we are not even aware.

Our experience shows that the amount of information that one single farm in one single season generates is too much and take the farmers from the field where they really need to be, as well as your manager and agronomist. To use a tool that help farmers to record and analyze all their data more easily and fast, gives the farmers more time to day by day field activities as well as to think about the big decision that they face, like the best time to sell the production, the time to spray for pests and diseases. In additional, a farm management software will give them the opportunity to really analyze their data, that otherwise is really hard to do without a system.



How did you find Agrivi?

We found Agrivi while searching online for a farm management system that was affordable, easy to use, complete (technical,operacional, finances and inventory management) and allow us to have access from everywhere. We loved the way Agrivi allowed us to easily try it for free. It really caught our attention because is totally different from most of the companies in this segment here in Brazil. After trying the system for few days, we already figured out that Agrivi was the right solution for us.


What made you decide that Agrivi is the right solution for you?

Agrivi met our expectation like any system did. Even though, as happened with all system, the Agrivi couldn't attend 100% of our particularities. The system needed some adjustments to satisfy our needs and the Agrivi team did it for us, and more them that, they master it. They heard our suggestion and work hard to adjust the system in a manner that it could fit our needs. They gave us the attention and support that we need to get started and worked hard to attend our specifics needs. As an Ag consultant company, we had some extra needs that was not problem for the incredible Agrivi team at all. The team gave us the security that will be there for us, when we have some future needs and the system need to be adjusted.


What did your communication with Agrivi look like before you decided to upgrade to full membership?

Our communication with Agrivi was incredible before and after we decided to upgrade to full membership.


How satisfied are you with Agrivi customer support?

We just believe that Agrivi has the best customer support in the World. They are friendly and efficient and really take care of their customer's needs and try hard to attend them.


What does your usual day of using Agrivi looks like? How do you use it on a daily basis?

We use the web version of the Agrivi, we are not using the app version yet. We have an office in the city where our clients send the information to be included in Agrivi. They can do it in person, by WhatsApp, by phone and by e-mail. The same way, we send back the information that they need from the Agrivi.

 Because it is our first season using Agrivi, we are trying to figure out the best way that we are going to use it in the future.  We try to update it every day. The clients bring us the invoices, and inform us about the activities that they use it every day.



Which features would you like us to add into the product that you believe would be highly beneficial to farmers worldwide?

The one simple field has spots totally different from one another that require different treatment, so we have fertilizer and soil maps, harvest maps, planting maps, maps generate from drones, etc.

Import these maps and agrupe them in Agrivi would be highly beneficial for farmers.

In additional, the features on the app that allow users to know where they are in the field and report pest problems, stand of plants, and any observation that they judge as important and later create a map to show all theses observation together would also help farmers.

Thank you Daiana for sharing your experience of using Agrivi Farm Management Software with us.

We are pleased to help our customers in increasing their productivity and profitability. Daiana is an agronomist who recognized Agrivi as valuable partner. Sign up in Agrivi for free and start monitoring your food production.