Agrivi Talk: Kresimir Sinjeri, Oilseed Radish Grower

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

We bring you a story of Kresimir Sinjeri, a young oilseed radish and cattle feed grower from Croatia.

Agrivi: Hello Kresimir, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Kresimir: Hello, I'm 31 years old and I'm from Zdal, Croatia, a place right next to the Hungarian border. I am a forestry and wood industry engineer ( Our family agricultural production has been active since 1983 and I have been constantly working with my brother on enhancing and developing our estate. We are currently producing arable crops and own a small pig repro-center. I am mostly engaged in crop growing while my brother handles our cattle.

Agrivi: When did you start becoming engaged in agricultural production?

Kresimir: I have been in agriculture since I was a child, when our parents have transferred their growing experience and love for the land on us. We have been taught never to be completely satisfied with how things are but rather to strive for advancement and development of production technology.This of course leads to higher quality of work, and the product itself.


Our first (left image) and last acquisition (right image).

Agrivi: How many crops are you growing and what is your field surface size?

Kresimir: We are smaller producers with about 25ha of land. We produce legum seeds, with oilseed radish covering the highest percentage. We clear the seeds from any residue, pack them in bags of 5, 10 and 50 kg, and sell them on our estate. This year we are planning on registering our own seed. Besides oilseed radish, we produce cereals for pig feeding, corn, barley, triticale, wheat, oat and soybean which we sell and use for pig feeding as well. Recently we started engaging in corn and sorghum silage for biomass in specialized facilities. We are glad that such production type has finally started appearing in Croatia, despite the fact it is still minuscule compared to EU standards. We believe it will spread with time, and we plan on engaging in this type of production more in the future, thus closing our production cycle.

Agrivi: Do you have workers? If yes, how many?

Kresimir: We don't have any workers at the moment, since we manage to do everything on our own. We have plans to grow in the future, so we will most likely need an additional workforce.


Work on the fields extends through the whole year

Agrivi: Why did you decide to use an online farm management system, and how did you track your production so far?

Kresimir: Well, the tendency towards development and accepting of new technologies in production as well as data administration works towards enhancing the quality of the entire production. Agrivi combines the features that are important to us, which is simplicity and a bundle of information accessible from anywhere, even from the field. I have developed my own data administration system in Microsoft Excel, which I have used for the past 5 years to store and analyze data regarding my agricultural production. Now I have Agrivi to do everything for me regarding analysis and data processing, which saves me a lot of time.

Agrivi: Which Agrivi features do you find to be most important?
Kresimir: I assume the system is in constant development and that it follows all user demands and adapts to all other technology advancements. For me, the most important features are the input and output tracking with constant statistical analysis. I like the way inputs can be tracked in the system, with detailed descriptions etc. Statistics are extremely important to me, so I am very appreciative of the speed at which I can get the information I need.


Agrivi: Kresimir, thank you for being a part of Agrivi talk and we wish you a successful season ahead!

Kresimir: Thanks, it was a pleasure!