Agrivi Talk: Marko Galic, Immortelle Grower

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Today we bring you a story about Marko Galic, a young immortelle grower from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Agrivi: Marko, please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Marko: I come from Capljina and I'm 24 years old. After graduating on the University of Zagreb, I returned to Herzegovina and am currently living in a small village between Mostar and Capljina. In addition to the regular work (operations manager at the company Pastor Mostar) I also cultivate immortelle.

Agrivi: How did you decide to cultivate immortelle, at which area, and is this farming demanding?

Marko: Due to the excess of free time and large surfaces that weren't cultivated, I started to research what would be the best crop to grow. Besides that, this culture has a secure placement on the market. After talking to people who knew more about immortelle than me, I decided to start growing it. One of the reasons I chose this crop is that immortelle can be grown only in certain areas, such as Capljina. Current surface on which I grow immortelle is approximately 2 acres. Regarding farming, the most challenging is the first year, because there is a lot of manual processing around the plants.


Agrivi: How many people work on your farm?

Marko: My whole family is included in this production of immortelle, so I haven't had the need for many outer workers. Currently I have two employees. One of them takes care of the plantations and organizes seasonal workers and the second one runs the distillery as well as the distilling itself. Until I found out about Agrivi, I have managed my farm production manually.

Agrivi: Why did you decide to use the online farm management system?

Marko: I choose the online farm management system, because all the tasks I have to do on a certain plantation are summarized in one place, thus I can monitor them easily. Also, now I can easily track seasonal workers, their efficiency, and many other tasks related to immortelle farming. The production is facilitated, because I have all in one place and everything is much clearer than with manual farm management, and I also have more free time.

Agrivi: Which features of Agrivi farm system are the most important to you?

Marko: Agrivi has a lot of features that help me in production. For example, when entering the season for a particular plantation, Agrivi provides me with task templates that need to be done through this season, with descriptions. As a young farmer I believe this to be of crucial importance because it allows me to plan my season in detail. At any given time, I have insight into input and cost monitoring and viability of investments, as well as insight into spent quantities of materials and how many hours some employee has worked. As a last feature I would point out, which helps me a lot in the planning of production and processing, is the possibility of monitoring the weather forecasts per field.


Agrivi: Thank you for participating in Agrivi talk and we wish you a successful production year!

Marko: Thank you for your interest shown in the production of immortelle and your concern about my work in Agrivi system. Kind regards, I wish you many more awards and a successful year 2015.