Agrivi Talk: Sanja & Sandra, Agronomists from Serbia

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

We bring you a story about young agronomists Sanja and Sandra who work for apple production company in Serbia.

Agrivi: Hello girls. Tell us a bit about yourself.

S & S: Hello Agrivi. We are Sanja Delić and Sandra Grbić from Serbia, 29 and 27 years old. We are engineers of agronomy and since last year we've been working for the Terra Optima company from Topola. We are productions managers on an apple plantation in Soko Banja.

Agrivi: Which crops do you grow and what is the size of your company's production?

S & S: Terra Optima is engaged in apple production on 13 ha of land, currently growing four apple varieties. The highest percentage of the surface is covered with Golden Delicious Reinders apples, then Fuji Kiku Fubrax, Superchief, and Granny Smith.

Young apple plants on our farm

Agrivi: Do you have any workers currently employed? Are they full-time employees or seasonal workers?

S & S: We have full-time employees working on our apple plantation. However, when the scope of work increases we tend to hire seasonal work force to help us manage all the activities.

Agrivi: How did you find out about Agrivi, and what made you try using our system?

S & S: Our CEO suggested Agrivi as an easier way of running business and tracking work on our apple plantation.

Planting new apples

Agrivi: How did you track your production so far, and why did you decide to use an online farm management system?

S & S: We used a classic Microsoft Office data management approach in the beginning, until we found out about Agrivi and quickly transferred to your Farm Management System. Agrivi offers a very simple and easy way of tracking work, finances, workforce and weather alarms connected to pest and disease occurrence. The system generally contains a good database of information for tracking entire production seasons.

Setting up nets

Agrivi: In your opinion, which are the advantages of using Agrivi, and which functions help you the most?

S & S: Agrivi gives us the ability of quickly and easily creating a weekly, monthly or yearly report about work on our plantation, finances, income projections and more. A solid database is also a plus, as well as the ability to quickly exchange production reports with our company's managing directors. All in all, Agrivi saves time and it's very easy to use in modern apple production such as ours.

Agrivi: Thank you for participating in Agrivi Talk. We wish you a successful production year!

S & S: Thank you too. Kind Regards from Sanja and Sandra from our apple plantation in Serbia!