Agrivi Talk: Stjepan Dumancic, Apple Grower

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

In the first talk in a series of talks with our customers, we bring y­­ou a story of Stjepan Dumancic, an apple grower from Osijek, Croatia.

Matija: Stjepan, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Stjepan: I am a 31 year old apple grower and while I'm not on my farm, I do marketing, web design and development, and in my free time I manage a family hotel. So I'm not a prototype of a classic farmer :)

Matija: How big is your apple farm?

Stjepan: I have a 4-hectare apple farm with three varieties – Fuji Kiku 8, Gala Schnitzer Schinga and Top Red (Delicious). Growing apples is a very demanding job that requires full-time presence on farm during a season. Constant weather monitoring, tracking plant progress and monitoring leaf development and looking for pest or disease occurrence and of course constant tracking of all other farm activities.

Matija: With all that time-consuming work on farm, handling mechanization, people and other stuff, how did you start to use Agrivi?

Stjepan: I heard about Agrivi from a friend who was using it and when I tried it, I was amazed with it's possibilities! Agrivi lets me track all farm's activities, my sales & costs, inventory, manage workers etc. Sure, you can track all that with pen and paper, I used to do it that way before, but Agrivi really simplifies farm management and has everything a farmer needs on one single place. Also, Agrivi speeds up processes that aren't done on the field and those are the ones I don't like because they take a lot of time  – managing all activities, tracking fertilizers and pesticides usage, managing finances and 24/7  weather forecast monitoring.

Matija: Which Agrivi features are the most important to you?

Stjepan: 1. Cost tracking Tracking all costs is the most important part of my farm management, so I could get a clear overview of all costs and make better planning of next activities. I am registering literally all costs, even the smallest ones. Since I'm using Agrivi, overview of my costs is finally realistic, I can see where I'm exaggerating and what I need to put in focus at. 2. Inventory It is a common case that items on your stock simply DISSAPEAR. You're wondering how? Well, people sometimes forget to track spraying or fertilizing and they are lazy to calculate new item stock level, so when item suddenly goes zero-stock, they are wondering how is it possible. With Agrivi, when I buy some item, it goes on inventory. When I register stock usage, it automatically decreases from inventory, so there is no need at all to hassle with manual calculations. 3. Reports They are my favorite, since they show me a complete overview of all farm activities and finances. For a farmer it is very important to review reports from time to time in order to keep control over production process and costs. Agrivi also makes my job simpler with every new season, since previous seasons are tracked in details so I can get a realistic forecast of costs, pesticides & fertilizers usage and planned yield.

Matija: Stjepan, thanks a lot for being our first Agrivi Talks speaker and I wish you a great season!

Stjepan: It was a pleasure. Keep up with a good work and just a message for all farmers – start using Agrivi and make your life simpler.