Anywhere You Go, Always Take the Weather with You

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Meteorology in agriculture?

One of the most important components of good farm management is the weather monitoring. It determines when and which activities are going to be performed, how they are going to be done, which treatment is needed to protect your crops, how much irrigation and fertilizers is needed for crops to grow and give good yield etc. Weather forecast, as the name itself says, is the sum of expected weather conditions in near or far future. It is based on two main parameters: measuring (weather stations on Earth or meteorological satellites) and experts knowledge based on experience. These two parameters combined give us precise prediction of weather in the future.

Weather forecast

For farmers it's very important to know what kind of weather can they expect on their fields. What's the minimum, maximum and average temperature in the next few days, will there be rain, how many will it fall and when, how big is the atmospheric pressure, what kind of wind can appear and how strong will it be, what's the expected air humidity...


Agrivi lets you track all of these parameters for each field you register! Detailed weather forecast for the next seven days will enable you to plan your activities more accurately, and graphical overview will provide you with hour-by-hour temperature and precip intensity changes.

3day forecast

Weather history

Speaking of weather, it's not only forecast that's important. For agricultural producers, knowing weather history on their fields is crucial in activity planning and production control. Weather conditions in the past define the actions in the future. Mild winter increases the chance of disease in the spring, less rain in the summer requires more fertilizer in the fall etc. With Agrivi, you can check weather conditions on your fields for as far as up to three years in the past, and with these information plan your activities in the future to prevent pests and diseases, improve soil quality, decide which crops to plant based on weather in the previous years etc.


That's not all about weather from us. In our next blog post check out how Agrivi informs you about the possibility of pests and diseases occurrence on your crops and learn how you can easily set up you own weather alarms! Are you ready to replace walking on the rain with drinking coffee in your favorite chair? Start using Agrivi now and save time with weather monitoring!