Best Use Cases for Discussions and Comments

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

On larger farms, where there are more workers, communication is extremely important. The goal of good farm management is that all workers are promptly informed about the situation and activities on farm. They often have no time to meet each other in personal and share experiences, notes and comments, so they need a place where they can communicate all together.

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In order of achieving faster and easier communication among workers, and thus improving user experience of using Agrivi, we've enable our customers to leave messages, comments and notes to their co-workers. Each employee who has access to the system can make a note about some activity on the farm. It can be a message for the purchase of materials for spraying or fertilizing, repairing of machinery, urgent payment of an invoice, order seedlings and others related to farm production. For example, after two days of spraying with pesticides, Johnny leaves a note to his colleague Jane, who is responsible for this task, to buy 5L of fungicide Champion wg 50, which will be needed for the next three days of spraying.


In Agrivi system users can also open various topics in Discussions module, and deliver notifications to all workers. Any user can follow this topic, add comments or attach documents. Here's an example - Johnny opened two topics ''New regulations'' and ''TNW Europe conference''.


Communication between workers is the key of successful agricultural production. Workers are instantly informed about purchase of new materials and their usage, work progress on some farm etc. This way we minimize the delay in the production, eliminate missed deadlines and therefore financial losses. Improve your production, use Agrivi!