Does Proper Mechanization Make Your Farm Profitable?

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Farming, especially on larger areas, can not even be imagined without diverse and quality mechanization. Proper usage of modern mechanization is the key for achieving cost effective farming. Proper usage understands on-time usage and proper technical usage of the mechanization itself. Lack of mechanization, low quality mechanization or non-proper usage can affect yield quality and quantity significantly.

Mechanization is mostly used for the following farming operations:

  • Maintenance
  • Soil tillage
  • Chemical protection
  • Irrigation
  • Grass and weed protection
  • Transport.

But does this mean you should buy all needed mechanization immediately? Absolutely no.

Mechanization utilization

When considering whether you should buy or rent mechanization for some farming operations, you should include all this in your calculation:

  • Mechanization price,
  • Annual maintenance costs,
  • Fuel cost (if it requires fuel),
  • How many work hours do you need it,
  • What is hourly renting cost,
  • Is it used in critical operations (what if you cannot rent it on-time)?

For critical operations, it is recommended to have your own mechanization not to depend on anybody. But whatever you decide, whether to rent it or buy it, you need to track its utilization. Agrivi helps you easily track mechanization usage per each tasks – how many hours was it used and how many fuel did it spent. Built-in dashboards and reports give you in-depth insight into usage and utilization of each mechanization, so you can clearly see does it pay off. Beside this, Agrivi allows you to enter reminders and reservations for each mechanization. You don't need longer to remember registration or service date, or to think which worker uses which machine, because Agrivi lets you plan mechanization schedule in advanced so you just have to wait for Agrivi to alarm you. Are you ready to boost your farming with for next-generation farm management software? Start using

Are you ready to boost your farming with for next-generation farm management software? Start using Agrivi now!