Farm Management on You Palm – Android & iOS Apps out Now!

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert


We're happy that we can announce publishing of our Android and iOS Agrivi mobile apps.

Everything around us is changing as new technologies become cheaper and available to anyone. Work habits are much different than they were just few years ago. Today everything is about being mobile, you cannot always take your PC or laptop with you, but almost everyone carries a smartphone nowadays. So building a mobile app was a top priority for us to enable even better experience for our users.

Mobile technology is the future of agriculture. Almost 94% of farmers own a mobile or smartphone, especially in developing countries, where mobile phones may be the only available widespread computing and communication technology. That's one more reason to enable farmers to improve their agricultural production.

Manage your farms right from the field

Farmers spend a lot of time on their fields, far from PC's and laptops, so there was a huge need to enable them to access their Agrivi accounts from anywhere. Now with Agrivi mobile app they can:

    • Manage their plantations, fields and check weather forecast




    • Register tasks execution, input usage and finances




    • Add reminders, check for notifications and more



Agrivi mobile app is a part of our premium features package and is available to paid users only. Don't waste time, register in Agrivi today and start managing your farms right from your fields!

You can download Agrivi mobile app here:
appstore playstore