Finding a Dream Job After Faculty, With Little Work Experience, Is Possible

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Domagoj Biskup is an Agrivi Product team member who has a lot of enthusiasm for work and serves as an example of how there are companies that are geared towards employee satisfaction and success.

Courage to Send a Job Application

Domagoj's professional career started at The Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, in Croatia, where he finished three years of computing, after which he quickly found a job in the profession in his desired field. When he spotted Agrivi's job ad for a developer position, he decided to apply. "I had to grab the opportunity to work for a global firm because I wanted to work with new and competitive market technologies. The vision of the company to change the way food is produced gave me the extra motivation to really try hard to get the job. During the interview, I met CEO Matija Zulj. When I saw his passion about Agrivi's vision and other company goals, I realized that it was the ideal company for me.“  That is how Domagoj recalls his decision to apply for this job position.


Agrivi opened a development center in Croatia's capital, Zagreb. The young and ambitious Domagoj, also changed his address because he saw the opportunity to progress in his career. And he has never regreted it. "I have learned a lot at Agrivi so far. I think my greatest achievement, though, is what I will carry on in life, and that has changed my way of thinking and doing. I have learned a lot and improved my skills, which has really shaped me as a person.“

Today, knowledge is available everywhere, all over the internet, and it is accessible with just a few clicks. However, learning from experienced mentors and teammates is something technology cannot replace. "While working here I have learned things that I thought would take me years to understand. I’ve not just learned basic level, but more advanced things important to the world of a developer. Sometimes it is a huge challenge to adapt to the kind of complex platform that I am working on, but I am satisfied that I can solve difficult and complex problems. I admit, not everything is perfect. There are times when I get stuck and need more time to find a solution. However, that is normal in every job.” He goes on to say with a laugh ,“Let’s be honest, if it was not that way, it would not be fun."

Acquiring New Skills through Teamwork

Developers are usually thought of as being introverts and focused on individual work. However, Domagoj’s experience is a little bit different. "Work at Agrivi is based completely on teamwork, because that is how it needs to be. All developers are working on the same product. Several team members are working on the same section at the same time, so teamwork is the inevitable. We are learning individually, but we help each other at the same time. I am learning a lot from others in my product team and I am satisfied and thankful for their patience and willingness to share explanations. The idea of the company in regards to working together is -  if you get stuck on a task, simply ask for help. Together you will solve it faster and more efficiently. Really, the help I am getting from my colleagues is giving me extra motivation to work harder and longer.


Here at Agrivi I have more of a desire to face and accept new challenges." Mentor to this young developer from the beginning was CTO, Darko Gebaei. As Domagoj explains, "My mentor Darko really helped me the most and gave me guidance on what to do and how to do it. He has been with Agrivi since the very beginning and has acquired and shared a wealth of knowledge.  He did and continues to do so because he was is that he and the whole company would get a lot from it. I have to mention other colleagues as well, Drazen and Tomislav. As I am the youngest developer on the team, they also helped me a lot."

Within Agrivi, teams from different offices and departments often gather together to celebrate the awards the company earns. "Team gatherings are very important to me. I feel a real company culture and get to experience how the company is working on connection between employees.


Interaction and gathering people from different offices and departments is important. Indeed, the team spirit within Agrivi is real, and all newcomers, no matter the department, can expect only a positive and enjoyable working atmosphere.” That is what Domagoj adds with enthusiasm to his story as an employee within the company that is changing the way food is produced. "We at Agrivi love and live our jobs, from those in the sales, development, marketing and finance departments. Perhaps it seems as though I am exaggerating, but I we would not talk about our projects when we are not at work if we didn’t love what we do. For example, even when we have a dinner where we celebrate something, no one is forced to talk about work and tasks. However, people always want to comment about work related happenings and no one ever sees a problem with that. This is a part of us and we have completely integrated it into our lives. I am sure other colleagues would agree, we love what we do and we are happy and pleased that we are a part of this world-changing company. "


Plans for the Future

Domagoj is young and ambitious and Agrivi has set high expectations so there is a question of whether this developer would like to remain with the same company in the future. "I'm satisfied where I am and happy to be a part of creating and developing the Agrivi platform. I love it and want to learn even more. "

So, we know he loves his work, but there is a question of how he has time for private life and obligations? "It's all about time-management and priorities. During the week, after work I am gathering with friends. I also go to the gym up to 5 times, so I have time for everything I love. I also have time for my hobbies, reading books, cooking, going to the cinema, and watching standup comedies. I like to play FIFA with my friends. I would also like to add that I like spending free time with colleagues from work and am happy to have created some friendships at the workplace."

Message for Developers Looking for a Job

Just recently, he was one of the young students who did not know what to expect in the labor market. This is his message for developers who are thinking about applying to Agrivi. "Every developer needs to check which technology is being sought and should not be scared. It is not extreme, but it is essential for a person to work and to understand the basics. The rest can be easily learned. There is no need for fear about the application itself. If one does not try he/she will never know. I repeat, we expect people who want to work, and I personally can hardly wait for someone new to join us, and I know they will be accepted. I am waiting for the day in which I am no longer the new one, the youngest on the team, and I want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with a new colleague."

Agrivi farm management software is currently used by more than 35,000 farmers in 150 countries worldwide and has 30 employees. To achieve their goals Agrivi is looking for new employees, maybe even you. Check out Agrivi’s Career Page and apply now. If you are a passionate and honest person with the mindset of “we is greater than I” and have integrity – give it a try. Maybe you and Agrivi will be a great fit.