Harvest Properly and Minimize Losses

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

As many say, harvest is the most demanding technological operation in orchard and the essence of a good farm management is to plan all activities before harvest and briefly monitor its progress. Statistics show that due to technological ignorance and poor organization of the harvest in the world is lost up to 50% of produced food in undeveloped countries and in best-technologically advanced and organized countries 2-10%.

Key elements of successful harvest

To minimize the risk of yield loss it's crucial to be aware of all key elements of harvesting:

  • Planning
  • Timing
  • Weather conditions
  • Workers
  • Yield

Planning all harvesting activities in advanced is the key of successful harvest. Planning understands going through all other key harvesting elements long enough before harvesting, so you don't mess it up. If you don't plan the harvest properly – there are good chances that something goes wrong!

You need to monitor your plants carefully to estimate when the fruits will be ripe and ready for picking. If you miss the timing, harvesting can prolong which means higher cost of people or some fruit could be wasted.

Weather conditions
Harvest requires few days of sunny, calm weather. If it is rainy, the harvesting conditions will be heavier and you'll need more people or more time for harvesting. So make sure you monitor the weather forecast briefly to organize enough people on time.

Good harvest make good workers. But to know who is good and who's not, you need to track their efficiency - how many hours did work each worker per day and how many did he harvest. This way, you can identify some lazy workers that are not efficient and that usually slow down others. You want to work only with the best, right?

Farming must be sustainable, so to ensure that you don't lose money during harvesting, you need to plan your yield, estimate the revenue and adjust your activities upon it. Track your daily yields, see if it goes as planned, replace the non-efficient workers, adjust the number of workers or work harder on finding another buyer that will pay you higher price if you see that there is a risk of going non-profitable.

Ready to harvest properly?

If you will plan everything manually by yourself, harvesting properly can be quite hard job. But it also can be very trivial with farm management software like Agrivi.

Agrivi provides you with complete support for all harvesting key elements, from planning all activities, guidelines how to choose the right timing, advanced weather forecast for all your fields, tracking worker efficiency and monitoring daily yield per farm, sort and worker.
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