Hooray!!! We're live!!!

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

We have launched Agrivi today and made it available to everyone! Changing the way food is produced starts now! Agrivi is farm business management software that helps farmers to manage fruit, vegetable and crop production, optimize their production process, improve yield quality and quantity, and increase profits. Agriculture knowledge base with production process guidelines for more than 50 different cultures will help farmers to improve their production. The application is available in English and Croatian, and support for additional languages is coming soon! „We live in the World of paradox. There is more than 832 million people hungry every day and in the same time 50% of produced food gets wasted. Also, global agriculture production is quite inefficient with 7 calories of input needed for production of 1 calorie of food and even 70% of fresh exploited water used for agriculture. The population will reach 10 billion people till 2050. and it is expected that food production must increase for 70% till then. With the way of food production today, this is impossible. Our vision is to change the way food is produced and make positive impact on more than billion people. We are trying to reach our vision by building the intelligent farm management solution that will  be accessible to all farmers and guide them in improving their production. By improving each one of them, we will initiate global changes in food production. Agrivi today is just a beginning. We have big plans and new features are coming soon!" - Matija Zulj, CEO.