It's True, We've Made Agrivi Even Simpler!

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Agrivi is an online farm management system which provides growers with the ability of tracking their entire production process from a single place, simplifies work organization, minimizes the need of going through tiresome paperwork, increases productivity and overall profitability. To further increase system intuitiveness we've made some changes in the user interface. The system redesign brings most change to the home screen and the navigation bar. The home screen now gives you a 30 day usage overview of working hours, mechanization, fuel, fertilizers, pesticides and water. On the right side of the navigation there are shortcuts to calendar, alarms, messages and account settings, while left part of the navigation bar contains four basic Agrivi modules:

  • Crop Management – tasks, current crop productions
  • Finances – sales, expenses, investments, loans and transactions
  • Resources – people, mechanization, fields, manage items, documents
  • Analyze – dashboards and reports



New home screen

Resources menu has been upgraded with a new function – Manage items. Now you can scan through all the built-in items in the Agrivi database from fertilizers, crops, pesticides to fuel. New items can be easily added by each user by clicking on „Add new item“, choosing the product category and filling out relevant information. After doing so, the item can be registered in your inventory, added through expenses or harvested through tasks. You can also create new categories in the inventory alongside of the existing ones (fertilizers, pesticides, fuel, crop).



Items database

Alarms have been rearranged, and are now accessible through the alarm clock icon in the navigation bar. There are multiple alarm categories for finances, weather alarms, pest and disease alarms or general notifications related to low stock of inventory items and more. New alarms can be added from this menu as well.


Smart Agrivi alarms

Last, but not the least, we modified the crop rotation overview. Now you can see which crop is planted on which field at any time much easier. This will give you a better overview of utilization of all the fields you own and enable you to plan crop rotation faster.


Crop rotation overview

Start using Agrivi now and change the way you manage your crop production simpler than ever.