Jet Fuel Tobacco Replaces Smoking Tobacco on the Farm?

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Tobacco arrived in Europe in the 1500s after the great first voyage to the New World of Christopher Columbus and his expedition. It was widely used and cultivated for medicinal and ritual purposes in many native cultures through Americas which intrigued Jean Nicot de Villemain to bring seeds to the Europe.

Nicotiana tabaccum L. is a herbaceous plant, a member of Solanaceae family which is primarily cultivated to produce tobacco for smoking or chewing due to its mild stimulant effect. Farming of this plant quickly spreads over the world and many people become loyal consumers of tobacco products.

Since tobacco smoking is proved to be harmful to human health, tobacco production has significantly decreased in the world. To find a new purpose for tobacco plant, scientists developed new breed called Solaris. It contains a very low concentration of nicotine and produces much more seeds than common tobacco plant, thus making it suitable fuel production. The idea is replacing fossil fuels with biofuel for airplanes which gathered many airplane makers, airline and biofuel companies to collaborate.


Women in Africa preparing for planting of tobacco

Regions in which tobacco is usually grown are suitable for the production of this promising crop, such as Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania. Locally grown tobacco helps reduce transportation costs in two ways – saving money and reducing carbon emissions. Over the past ten years, the price of jet fuel has significantly increased which make difficulties for airlines since fuel represents over 30 percent of operating costs.

The future of greener aviation is very close. Since bio fuel was approved in 2011. more than 1500 biofuel-powered flights have been conducted. Except aviation benefits and environment-friendly facts, new tobacco represents growing of a marketable jet fuel crop without supporting smoking. Also, the next step is making a fuel from the entire plant, not just from seeds.

Tobacco Seeds

Tobacco seed ball

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Farming with Agrivi Farm Management System

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