New Redesigned Analytics - It Was Never So Powerful

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

We are pleased to announce launch of new redesigned Agrivi analytics that brings farmers instant overview of the most important farming indicators needed for smart decision making. We all make a lot of daily decisions driven by intuition and previous experience, but sometimes this turns out to be wrong. Although we are all aware of the need for data-driven decision making, most of us don't practice it since it requires an effort for preparing data. That's why, we have decided to make farmer lives easier and do that data preparation part completely instead of them. The result is a new powerful farming analytics with 13 different dashboards! Farmers just need to track activities, costs and inputs usage and Agrivi automatically prepares data needed for making decisions and identifying problems. Usage dashboards Usage dashboards help you get instant overview of usage for various inputs like work hours, mechanization hours, fuel, fertilizers, pesticides and water.



Productivity dashboards - How productive is your farm? How much yield per plant do you get? How much per each variety? Don't worry, you don't have to calculate it - Agrivi productivity dashboard does it for you.


Finance dashboards - Knowing your numbers is important, so finance dashboards let you know sales, expenses and investment numbers with a click. If you want to analyze it in depth, drill down with finance details dashboards that are waiting for you.


ROI dashboard - With ROI dashboard, you immediately know how much did each farm cost you till now and how much income did you make on it. Knowing when your investment will be returned is crucial for each business, so with ROI dashboard, you always know how are you standing.


Better. Simpler. Most powerful ever. Our new redesigned dashboards bring farming analytics to a completely new level. But also - brings farmers who use it to a new level. Are you ready for boosting your productivity and profitability? Don't wait, it is completely simple. Start using Agrivi now!