Potatoes Could Boost Water Supplies

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Water extracted from potatoes could replace supplies from the tap and even provide drinking water in areas suffering from drought. About 75% of a potato is water, so there are a lot of natural resources in potato that should be tapping into and reusing.That new technology for extracting water from potatoes is being trialled by one food giant, during the processing of potatoes.They are perfecting a process to capture water released from potatoes as they are cooked into crisps before using it in the manufacturing process. When potato slices are cooked while making crisps, the water normally escapes through chimneys in the roofs of factories and it is initially used in the manufacturing process to clean, peel and slice potatoes. As the water comes from steam released during the cooking process is already clean, but it placed through an additional purification process before being reused.

This technology they are working on already can capture enough water to allow them to take their factories of the mains supplies. Now they're producing around 3.000 litres of water every hour, but at a later stage they will be able to produce much more, that could provide additional water supplies for whole community. In the nearly future this technology process could ensure adequate supplies of water in areas with water scarcity issues.