Say No to Pests! Save Your Yield!

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Fruit production is complex and it requires a lot's of time and knowledge. The main problem is pest protection during vegetation with significant costs of protection. Farmers often try to save money by performing less number of treatments, but it often reflects with negative effect on yield quantity and quality which means lower revenue and profit. Another problem is not performing spraying on-time. If that happens, farmers need to use much more pesticides than they should use if they did it on time. That again increases cost and lowers profit. Statistics shows that later treatment during attack can reduce fruit yield for 5.36% due pests, 2.1% due diseases and 11.26% due weeds. In grapevine production yield looses are 2.34% due pests, 13.26% due diseases and 6.24% due weeds. So in average, late treatments bring up to 20% lower yield. So to minimize the risk of pests, it is crucial to perform on-time spraying against pests and diseases. This will result in less pesticides used, less spraying times, higher yield quality and quantity.

How to know when is the right time to perform spraying?

There are several options:

1. You can learn about pests and the conditions when they appear, monitor the weather conditions on your fields and react timely. This usually requires a lot of time and knowledge.

2. You can go every day on some national agricultural sites and read about disease threat, they usually give general alerts when the situation in some region is suitable for pests and diseases. But you must check this every day so you don't miss some notification.

3. You can use Agrivi and get alerts about pests and diseases for all your fields automatically. Agrivi contains knowledgbase for over 300 pests and diseases and when the weather conditions on your fields are suitable for pest and disease occurence, it alerts you to take actions! Agrivi also lets you to see the list of active substances that can be used to prevent each pest and disease, as well as commercial products that contain that active substances so you could know what to buy. Ready to say no to pests and diseases? Start using Agrivi now!