Smart Agriculture on Smartphones

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Technology today is present in all parts of our lives, and it is widely available to everyone. The main forms of technology in industry, farming and household are communication and mobile technology. More than 5,6 billion of people use mobile phones, nearly 80% of world's population. Almost 94% of farmers use mobile phones, especially in developing countries, where mobile phones may be the only available widespread computing and communication technology. This number leads us to the conclusion that we have the ability to use mobile technology to help farmers improve their agricultural production.

In the field of farming, the advancement in technology brought many improvements in the facilities used in farming. One of the most dramatic changes in the use of mobile devices in agriculture is the development of monitoring protocols and systems for monitoring and managing farms and farm workers.

Agrivi helps you improve productivity, lower operating costs and increase profits. We have designed a mobile application as a supporting feature to our full application in order to further enhance the Agrivi experience.

Farm work isn't done from the comfort of the living room. Farmers are often far from their computers and laptops, but with Agrivi mobile app you can access your Agrivi account from anywhere.  

With Agrivi mobile app you can

  • manage your plantations, fields and check weather forecasts

You're out in the field in the dirt and at the mercy of weather conditions. With the Agrivi mobile application in your pocket, you can log activities and check rainfall conditions on the go.



  • register tasks execution, input usage and finances

Whether you want to track expenses on each field or track spent item quantities, you can do that with our mobile application.


finances (transactions)sale details

  • add reminders, check for notifications and more

You can add reminders for registration of mechanization, meetings, contracts, or other deals. Agrivi will alert you a few days before due date. You can also add documents, pictures or contracts.


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Agrivi mobile app is available for Android and iOS and its free for everyone.

It allows you to be in the field and in the office at the same time! Download Agrivi app and manage your farms right from the field.

You can download Agrivi mobile app here: