The Importance of Inventory Management

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Inventory - in simple terms it means keeping track of raw materials and finished products in stock. When we talk about agricultural inventory, those are various fertilizers, pesticides, fuel or seeds that farmers use in their production. Everything in farm management is based on one thing. From task planning and execution, stock usage tracing or finance administration – it's all closely related to inventory management. We can say that smart inventory management is the base of healthy farming business.


Recently we upgraded Agrivi's inventory management module which now supports management of multiple inventory locations by organizing the inventory into one or more warehouses. Inside each warehouse you can create one or more bins and place items inside them. This feature is integrated throughout Agrivi farm management system. When registering new expenses, users can select the warehouse and each individual bin in which the new item will be stored.


Also, when registering a sale or usage of some item, you have to select the warehouse or bin from which the item has been removed.


In farm management, inventories play a key role and it's important for farmers to know the correct amount of items in stock at all times. Agrivi helps you keep track of all of your items with the new feature for easy tracking and stock organization. Whether you have a small or big farm production, with Agrivi farm management you can now manage your inventory much easier.