The World Hemp Congress

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

There is great news for all hemp farmers and those who enjoy hemp products! Slovenia will be the host of the 4th World Hemp Congress, sponsored by the Slovenian organization called the Herbalists Association Pomurje.

The Congress will be held during the Agri-food fair AGRA in Gornja Radgona between the 20th and 25th August, where the international experts will lecture on the production and processing of hemp. They will draw upon their own hemp farming experience in order to realize the highest economic profit potential in local and global markets.

Businessmen, farmers, innovators, professionals, producers, and processors in the hemp market and other interested operators in the sector will be some of the prominent experts and representatives of the world's largest professional associations for industrial hemp farming. One of the main tasks in this area is networking and the forging of global alliances. This is intended to raise awareness among the general public and to allow equal access to information. This contributes to the accelerated growth of the global hemp industry, but it also represents a substantial participle in agriculture.

This excellent event will bring you many innovative hemp ideas, information about new hemp products, cooking with hemp, cannabis medicine products and much more.

Hemp definitely isn't just hip. It could be a future “green phenomenon” in the world's advanced economy. Hemp is and will be a great business opportunity for any enthusiastic entrepreneur. Are you interested to find out more about hemp farm management and its benefits? Please visit

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Image and text source: World Hemp Congress