Top 5 Farming Apps Every Farmer Should Know About

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

In the agricultural industry, there are many strategies for managing farms of all sizes. The various strategies for managing a farm can be implemented through different types of agricultural software.

For fruit, vegetable, grain and animal farmers purchasing a farm management software is a major decision. Plenty of different agricultural apps are available on the market and hundreds of new apps are added every day. To help you sort through the best new agriculture apps available, here is a list of 5 farming software's that can improve your agricultural production. These apps are also available on Androids, iPads, iPhones and more.


This mobile app links growers to traders and vice versa. Totheshelf intends to build a global network of agricultural products sellers and buyers. Farmers, cooperatives, wholesalers, brokers, importers, exporters, industry, retailers and anyone who involves in animal or plant products trading can download the app and seek new customers or business partners. The app is available in all countries and in two languages, English and Greek. (iPad, iPhone)

Climate App

This app helps agricultural producers track key temperatures. The Climate App publishes maps that show recent highs, lows and soil temperatures. The aim is to keep agricultural producers aware of the temperature ranges that could affect production timelines. The Climate App’s homepage currently presents five options: “Maximum Temperature (F) yesterday,” “Minimum Temperature (F) yesterday,” “7 Day Average Soil Temperature (4″),” “1 Day Soil Temperature (4″),” and “1 Day Precipitation Total.” Each option links to a map with a color scale that indicates the corresponding local information. (Available on most mobile devices)


Based on best-practice production processes for more than 80 crops, Agrivi app guides farmers towards improving their production and increasing productivity. Its features include project-oriented farm management with a simple and fast way of planning, monitoring and tracking all farm activities and input usage. Advance sales and expense tracking ensures taking control over farm finances. Other features include inventory management with low inventory alarms which prevents delays in production caused by lack of inputs, weather monitoring with detailed 7-day weather forecasts and 3-year weather history for each field and smart disease risk detection alarms. (Android, iPad,iPhone) 


This app allowes you to use your tablet or smartphone as a precision tractor GPS system. It’s one of the first guidance software programs that functions as a precision farming application using an antenna. These antennas are capable of receiving and processing free corrections (e.g., EGNOS, WAAS). It can be used for any farming activity which is done by tractor or other agricultural machinery, including fertilization, manure application and spraying. It even can be used for land measurements as well. (Android)


Software for herd management. Farmeron collects all data in a single place, allowing you to make sound production decisions right on time. Functionalities include adding of animal lists and their costum groups, tracking of animal production activity, economic performance, purchase and sale. Other features include feeding diary, examining of nutritional value of feeding components and tools to optimize quality, structure and cost of the animal daily feed intake. (Android, iPad,iPhone)