Track Irrigation Water Usage with the Agrivi Farm Management System

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Why is irrigation important? Feeding the world requires a lot of water. In most countries, more water is used for irrigating land than for any other purpose. A total of 70% of all water throughout the world taken from river, lake and groundwater systems supports irrigated crops and the feeding and watering of animals.

Irrigation allows farmers to efficiently use water to guarantee plant growth. For farmers, orchardists and winegrowers, it’s about using irrigation to maximize plant potential and to deliver crops and produce of sufficient quality to market to meet consumer expectations. Stock farmers use irrigation to ensure they can grow enough feed for their animals and to maintain paddock health. Many new crop and plant varieties require regular moisture which has led to increasing interest in irrigation.

In some areas where regular rainfall is not adequate to guarantee crop survival, irrigation is, therefore, essential. In other regions, the reason for irrigation may be to combat a particularly dry season (a drought) or to ensure that high-value crops (kiwifruit) always have the right amount of water during a critical growth phase.

Tracking of Irrigation Water with Agrivi System

In any area where farmers grow their crops, it is essential to find the correct balance between rainwater and irrigation water. If they apply too much or too little water, the result will be the same: dead or sickly plants. It's also very important to track all applied irrigation water on fields and crops. The Agrivi farm management system allows farmers to this. In the list of tasks with all activities they perform on the farm, farmers can create a task with category ''irrigation'' and every time they irrigate, they can enter the amounts of water used as well as the water provider, its cost and the time of irrigation.

Screenshot_1 (1)

Task of irrigation water usage in the Agrivi farm management system

The irrigated water can be also distributed for each field, by clicking on the 'distribution' icon. If only one or a few fields are irrigated, farmers can manually distribute the water applied in each field. Irrigation is often connected with fertilization or in this case, fertigation. Farmers can also record the applied amount of fertilizers and water in the Agrivi system, under the Fertilizing tab.


Task of fertilizers usage in the Agrivi farm management system

Agrivi Analysis of Irrigated Water

The key to a farm's productivity is to know the total cost of all farm activities and materials at all times. By tracking and recording all activities in the Agrivi system, it is possible to obtain an accurate analysis of your farm's health. When some activity or a season has been finished, the farmer can analyze applied water per field and farm in the Agrivi dashboards, as well as the usage of fertilizers, work hours of workers and machinery or other items used for the production of certain crop.


Analysis of irrigation and rainfall water per field and crop production in the Agrivi dashboards

Every usage of water, fertilizers and even workers who perform irrigation activity, is a cost for the farmer. When he enters usage of some material in the task, e.g. water, he can also enter its cost per unit. Whether he enters the cost directly into the task or by registering the purchase, the system will automatically calculate the total cost according to the amount that is used.

The entered costs can be analyzed by the farmer at any moment under Agrivi Field Analytics; e.g. in the cost analysis of irrigation water, he can see the total cost for water for irrigation per field and on which field and crop production work costs was the highest.


Analysis of irrigation water cost per fields in Agrivi Field Analytics

Since you can analyze all of the data entered for crop production, you can also print out all of the data in the form of reports. Under Agrivi Reports, you'll find over 20 different reports which include data from the whole production, from activities on farms to finances. Irrigation is essential for the plant growth and thus for the success of the whole crop production. It is possible to have complete control over irrigation water and all other materials used on the farm with their related costs.

You can ensure the productivity and profitability of your farm by using the Agrivi system.