Track Work Cost on Your Farm with Agrivi System

Tanja Folnovic

Agriculture employs 1.3 billion people, what makes it the second greatest source of employment worldwide, after services, and it accounts 28% of global employment. All those workers have something in common – work hours spent on farms and related work cost. Whether someone is employed as s family member on his family farm, as a part-time worker, which has other more or less important sources of income, or as a seasonal worker, hired for a relatively short period, they are all paid for their work. Tracking of work cost on a farm doesn’t have to be a nightmare for a farmer. Agrivi system allows you simple and easy tracking of work cost for all workers and machinery, per all fields and crop productions.

Work cost for workers

You can set work cost per hour for all your workers and users all at once, or for each worker/user separately. Cost can be linked to one, more or all task categories; fertilizing, sowing, protection, pruning, harvesting, etc.



Work cost for machinery

In Agrivi system you can also track machinery hours. For each machinery you add (tractor, harvester, sowing machine, sprayer) you can set cost per hour, linked to all or only a few task categories; fertilizing, sowing, protection, pruning, harvesting, etc.



Work cost in tasks

Work cost set for workers, users and machinery will be automatically shown in tasks. If you want to enter or change a cost per hour or total cost for some worker or machinery, you can do it directly through tasks. It won’t change a cost permanently, but only for this time.



Work cost analysis

A review of all costs per tasks and details of how many work hours were spent during some task and on which crop production, you can see in reports Cost per task and Cost per type.


The system allows you to analyze work cost for all workers and machinery per crop productions and fields. You can see on which field and crop production work cost was the highest. It allows you to see correlation between work cost and productivity of a certain crop production.


Tracking of work cost is very important, not only to know how much did you pay someone for his work but also to track how much money was needed to do some activity on a farm, to measure farm's productivity. Have a complete control over work cost on your farm, use Agrivi system.