Tracking Your Farm's Finances in Agrivi

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Finance management is inevitable part of every production, and farming is no exception. Every farmer should be informed about his finances and farming productivity at any given moment. Tracking this manually requires a lot of time to calculate each expense/ sale/ investment and compare productivity per farm or crop. To make it easy, Agrivi has a great solution - linking your finance entries to their respecting farms. Let's take a look at expenses. Agrivi allows farmer to alocate every expense on a particular farm, for which this expense has been made. This allows them to know how much they spent for production of each culture. How does this work? Really easy. In finances, when farmers register a purchase, they can assign it to a particular farm. For example, farmers spent money on a pesticide „Fastac 10 ec“ that will be used only for corn protection, so they assign that expense on farm „Corn I“. They will do that for every expense that can be assigned to a certain farm or crop.



All your expenses, sales and investments can be analyzed in Agrivi dashboards. In Farm productivity dashboard you can see your income per farm (the sum of all sales linked to a particular farm), while in Key performance indicators (KPI's) dashboard you can quickly check financial status of all your farms and their return on investment.



Allocation of finances per farm helps you track costs and incomes for each farm easily and saves you a lot of time. Let Agrivi do your calculating for you, while you focus on the rest on your daily chores.