Why Should Young People Stay Involved in Farming?

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Since the domestication of plants and animals, agriculture played significant and the most important role in human civilization. Substantial food production enabled human evolution, and ways how food was produced evolved through centuries.

Today agriculture is still developing to catch a step with needs that modern society demand. Even though agriculture is the world's largest provider of jobs, with close to 40% of the global workforce, a number of people who decide to continue or start some agricultural production, decreased.

When there is a word about agriculture, the image that comes to mind to most people is an aged poor raggedy man with a flat cap and tweed jacket, sucking a piece of straw and look beaten down by the sun. It hardly looks like that farming is the 'job of the year'. Many young people today are moving from the rural areas to the cities searching for a job thus leaving rural areas half empty. That young people who stay on rural farms, mostly manage family farming. The main question is – how to make agriculture attractive to youth and make them stay in rural areas?

Plenty of evidence show that agriculture provides a viable way to become successful in sustainable future. As for thriving human civilization in past, agriculture also matters to the future development. When it comes to fighting poverty, agriculture is the most effective than any other sector. With that goal in mind, agriculture can be a gold mine for young people who can contribute to producing enough quantity of nutritious food for the fast growing population, by using new modern farming technologies.

Today we have a possibility to use various modern farming technologies that help farmers manage their farm much easier, such as smart sensors that can read everything - from plant health, crop water needs to nutrient level in the soil, as well as precisely navigated machinery and environment-friendly farming practices that can be integrated and tracked in modern farm management software.  Now, the image of a farmer as an aged poor raggedy man is far from reality, isn't it?


Modern vs. old fashioned farming

Modern farming technologies and practices can be tracked in Agrivi farm management software as well. The system provides the best farming practices for over 100 various crops and allows farmers to track all field activities in a form of tasks. Farmers can enter all fields and mark them on a satellite map, register work hours of employees and machinery, used quantities of materials like pesticides and fertilizers and also finances. In the end, there is a layer of analytics with KPI dashboards and printable reports which tie all the information together and gives you a great overview of overall farm health. Agriculture is not only a hard labor work, it can be an inspiring new adventure.

Engage and try new ways of farming with Agrivi farm management software.