Agrivi Is Launching a Pilot Program for Farming Sensor Integration

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

We are calling farmers worldwide that use Ranch Systems weather stations, soil sensors or irrigation controllers to join the beta program for data integration and get Agrivi Premium plan 3 months for free. We are proud to announce the launch of beta pilot program for farming data integration services that enable us to monitor data on various sensors like weather stations, soil sensors and irrigation controllers. In the last period, we were working hard to build a seamless data integration of our farm management software with various sensors and controllers in order to empower farmers to get all their hardware data automatically into Agrivi and monitor it from one central place. And on top of it, we are combining gathered data to bring added value through smart irrigation plans and high-precise pest and disease risk alarms.

Smart irrigation plan

By monitoring current soil moisture gathered from soil sensors and 100% precise micro-climate weather data gathered from weather station, we are able to detect the exact need for plant irrigation. Having in mind the daily rainfall forecast, we optimize the irrigation plan to ensure that rainfall + irrigation make the optimum irrigation amount required. This brings to significant cost optimization and healthy plants.


High-precise pest and disease risk detection

By default, we provide pest and disease risk detection to all our customers worldwide, no matter where they are. We do it by acquiring weather data from global weather data providers based on field coordinates and running advanced pattern recognition algorithms that combine field weather data with our agricultural knowledge base of pests and diseases. When we detect that weather data on some field is suitable for developing a pest or disease, we raise alarm and alert the farmer to take care of his crops timely, ensure high yields and minimize crop protection expenses. To get maximum accuracy of our pest and disease risk detection algorithms, we need to have exact micro-climate data from farmer’s fields. If a farmer has weather stations on his fields, we are able to connect and get accurate micro-climate data from them to feed our algorithms with the best quality data and ensure high precision of our risk detection alarms.


Supported by European Union

Our data integration efforts were recognized by FRACTALS, one of 16 FIWARE Accelerators established by the European Union, who supported us with a grant to develop automated farming data integration for our farm management software and empower farmers to manage all their farming data on one central place. FRACTALS is a part of the FIWARE Acceleration Programme, which aims to support the community of innovative ICT SMEs and web-entrepreneurs to develop FIWARE based applications with high market potential, addressing the needs of the agricultural sector. Linked to this program, the EU launched an ambitious campaign in September 2014 mobilizing 80M€ to support SMEs and entrepreneurs who will develop innovative applications based on FIWARE technologies for the Agricultural sector.

Join our Beta pilot program for data integrations

The first vendor we have supported with automated plug-and-play data integrations is Ranch Systems, one of leaders in field monitoring hardware solutions. Very soon, more vendors will be supported. We are inviting all farmers worldwide that use Ranch Systems weather stations, soil sensors and irrigation controllers to apply for our data integration Beta pilot program to boost their farming operations and help us in testing our irrigation calculators. All farmers that apply will get a 3-month free subscription to our farm management solution! Interested to join? Send us an e-mail at with subject "Beta program for data integrations". There is a limited number of farmers that will be accepted for a beta pilot program, so be sure that you are one of them, apply now!


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