Agrivi Talk: Armend Skeja, Fruit Producer from Kosovo

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Agrivi: Hello Armend. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Armend: Hello. I am born in Prizren, and I currently live in Pristina. I am 47 year old, and my background is IT technology.

Armend's fruits

Agrivi: How many crops are you growing and at what surface size? Do you have any workers currently employed?

Armend: We are currently growing plums (20 ha), sour cherries (28 ha) and raspberries (experimental 0.5 ha). We have 12 full time employees around the clock and from 5-300 seasonal workers.

Agrivi: How did you track your production so far?

Armend: Until now we were using mostly notebooks on paper and little bit of excel.

Armend Skeja on his fruit land

Agrivi: How did you find out about Agrivi, and what attracted you to try to use it?

Armend: A friend of mine living and working in Croatia knowing what I do now sent me your link. I decided to try it initially and after very short time went for full version. I was attracted to try it, because it was easy to start working with it.

Agrivi: In your opinion, what are the advantages of using Agrivi? Which features help you most in your production?

Armend: Well, best features are as follows:

  1. On line system. I do not need to have server, or network infrastructure or employee an IT person to start to use it. You can access data from anywhere and anytime, including from mobile phone.
  2. Ease of user interface. It is really easy to use it.
  3. Full package. I get everything I need including crop management, mechanisation, human resource management, finances, expenses, document management


Fruits in Kosovo

Agrivi: Armend, thank you for being a part of Agrivi Talk. We wish you a successful production season!

Armend: Thank you! Bye. You can also check Agrivi, click here:

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