Agrivi Team Supports Farm Capital Africa in Their Fundraising Campaign

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

It is season of holiday giving. We at Agrivi have the pleasure to work with thousands of farmers worldwide and learning about their great stories and one of these great stories is Farm Capital Africa. Our team loves that project so much that we have decided to support their fundraising campaign by investing into them as private people. Why? Farm Capital Africa (FCA) is a social impact company, formed to channel capital to profitable and sustainable agri-ventures in Africa. They thoroughly identify small scale farmers with great growth potential, and through funds raised from their investors (crowdfunding), they enable thouse farmers to access the inputs and services they need to scale up their agri-ventures, improve productivity and access the best markets. FCA does not give hard cash to farmers, but rather uses Farm Finance as a Service (FFAS) Model, thereby mitigating risks of financial mismanagement by the farmers. And how does that work? Watch their results:

Meet Kelvin and Mary, grew from 3 acres to 10 acres of French Beans

Meet Peter, grew from 500 to 6,000 Strawberry Plants

Meet Anita, grew from 1 acre to 7 acres of Water Melon

We encourage all of you to support this great project. You can support them from 50,000 KSH (approx. USD $500) to above: Sharing is caring. Share your love, share your capital. Support great projects, support Farm Capital Africa! Find more information about Farm Capital Africa on their website:

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