Farm Inventory Organization as a Crucial Factor for Farmers’ Productivity

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Running a successful farm business is not an easy task. Farmers nowadays have to be very skilled in order to make a profit. They have to be successful managers, accountants, consultants, scientists and overall, very good at performing all field activities.

In the era of modern agriculture, farmers really do have all the aforementioned attributes. However, one thing can significantly determine the path of their farm performance. This is inventory management. Although it doesn’t sound like a big deal, proper farm inventory management is the most important value of a successful farmer. 



Poor Inventory Management Leads to Cash Flop

Proper inventory organization is a weakness for every farmer. Caught in extensive farm organization, farmers often forget about this important feature in farm management.

The consequences of poor inventory management can be significant to both farm productivity and profitability. The most common example of the impact of inventory organization on crop production is at the time of crop sowing.

Poor inventory organization leads to a delay in farm activities, causing the decrease of farm productivity and profitability

Every farmer knows that most crops, especially arable, need to be sown or planted at the specific time of the year. For example, let’s take sowing of wheat in Europe, which lasts only two to three weeks. In order to provide the best conditions for crop growth, sowing needs to be performed during that period. If a farmer starts sowing wheat and then suddenly realizes that he is running low on seed stock, he needs to pause sowing and make the purchase. Meanwhile, certain unfavorable conditions may occur. There is a huge possibility of rain period and lower temperatures that can greatly impact the germination as well as the final yield.



Another common example of poor inventory management is in the harvest period. Not having insight into the real inventory stock level, a farmer cannot prepare an adequate quantity of bags, boxes or pallets for fruit storage during the harvest. The time needed to make a purchase of stocks prolongs the time of harvest thus affecting the fruit quality and final yield.

These two abovementioned examples are just a drop in the ocean of similar situations of improper farm inventory organization.


Still Don’t Have a Suitable Tool for Inventory Management?

Having a farm production means that there are certain activities constantly in progress. However, many of them require tracking of inventory stock levels. In other words, farmers have to be completely prepared for each activity. Otherwise, every lack of stock may lead to an additional delay in performing activities.

Agrivi farm management software allows you to easily manage your inventory

To avoid this scenario, farmers have to organize and regularly check their inventory stock. There is a perfect tool that facilitates proper management of farm inventory—Agrivi farm management software. Its real-time inventory management gives farmers an actual inventory level at any moment.

By using Agrivi, farmers can get two most important values for successful management of their farm production:

  1. Instant inventory overview of all items currently in stock, with a single click
  2. Set inventory alarms for all the key products that have to be available at any moment and by doing so, avoid running out of stock



Real-time inventory overview with Agrivi farm management software

Organization is the key to profitable farming. Hence, every successful farmer knows the importance of timely organization of all farm activities as well as his inventory.      

Instead of managing your farm by gut feeling, make data-driven decisions by using Agrivi farm management software.

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