Hemp Farm Management with Agrivi System

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Hemp is a distinct variety of the plant species Cannabis sativa L. and its name are common of the entire genus Cannabis. Due to the similar leaf shape, hemp is often confused with marijuana, another cannabis plant. The main difference between them is their content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana (Cannabis sativa subsp. indica) can contain over 20% THC while industrial hemp has less than 1%. Hemp is mainly grown for fibers and oil. In fact, whole plant can be used, what makes it desirable crop in farming.

Advantages of Hemp Farming

Farmers grow hemp due to its great crop rotation possibilities, which is also suitable for organic farming. Hemp has short vegetation period, only 90 days, which makes it good pre-culture for most cultivated plants. Also, hemp is known as low maintenance crop, because it does not require many fertilizers which are needed only at the beginning of farming, after which it has quick growth. Pest control is unnecessary, due to pests do not make significant economic damage on hemp plant, as well as weed control because hemp grows faster than weeds.


Modern use of the cannabis plant for industrial hemp

In organic farming, the whole plant can be used like green fertilizer, compost, animal bedding etc. The most known product of fibers and seeds is textile, rope, building materials, paper, oil and maybe the most intriguing – biodiesel.

These days when we dealing with high prices of fuel and dangerous climate changes, alternative for petroleum such as biodiesel is necessary. Biodiesel made from renewable oilseed crops such as hemp have numerous advantages compared to petroleum diesel. It’s safe to handle and transport because is biodegradable and 10 times less toxic than table salt. Also, biodiesel is the only alternative fuel that contributes reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and reducing environmental pollution generally. Since biodiesel is more lubricating than petroleum diesel fuel, it can extend the life of diesel engines. No wonder that hemp production increases over the years due its advantages.

Modern Hemp Farming with Agrivi System

Complete hemp farming with knowledge what to do during the season, you can find in form of tasks in Agrivi farm management software. The system helps farmers with tracking field work from tillage to harvest through seasons and seasonal activities. You can also map all your fields, register your inventory, machines and people to track the usage of those inputs on each field and crop. In the end there is a layer of analytics with KPI dashboards and printable reports which ties all the information together and gives you a great overview of overall farm health.

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