KPI Series: Master Administration KPIs

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Last time we explained how to measure productivity KPIs, and now we are bringing more information about administration KPIs that will bring your plantation management to a new level.

Plantation age structure

This KPI informs you about age level of your plantation, and also helps you to estimate yield quantity more accurate. For example, you've planted 5000 2-year-old seedlings that will reach their maximum in 5 years. After one year, 10% of seedlings fail and they must be replaced so you plant new 500 2-year-old seedlings. With every year you replace the bad seedlings with new ones. This means that after few years plantation’s age structure is not quite homogenous. Knowing exact age structure will help you to estimate yield plan more accurately.

Plants per hectare and total plant number

These two KPIs are tightly connected and very simple. They tell you the number of plants you have per hectare, the total plant number on plantation and their influence on yield per hectare. It is important to know that total plant number and amount of product don’t raise proportionally. Image below shows how plant per hectare KPI effects yield in case of apple.

Plants per hectare

People efficiency & utilization

People efficiency KPI shows you how much work you have incorporate in your production. There are several KPIs, like total work hours per stage, average work hours per person, number of people working etc. Analyze availability of your workers and organize their activities.

Mechanization utilization

It is another simple KPI which indicates you how much time you have been using your mechanization (tractors, combines, etc.). If measures show you that you have been using a tractor 14 days per year, do you really need it or it would it be more cost effective if you have rented it?

Field utilization rate

This KPI is probably the most important one for the crop producers. It is still quite common that producers seed only one culture per field per year which makes their field utilization around 30%. By seeding additional cultures on the same field after first culture is harvested, a producer can increase field utilization rate and increase profit per hectare. Clear insight into every plantation detail helps you to make your plantation management advanced and enables you to prepare realistic production estimations and good business decisions. Agrivi makes monitoring administration KPIs fast and simple. Don’t allow yourself to guide your production by feelings – know your numbers!

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