Let's Change The World!

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

There is more than 7 billion people living on the Earth today and this number will rise to 10 billion people till 2050. The food industry paradox is that there is 870 million people hungry without sufficient daily amount of food and in the same moment 50% food is wasted before reaching the distribution chain. To show complete agriculture industry inefficiency, 7 calories of input is required to deliver 1 calorie of output. The way food is produced today is not sustainable and it must be changed. We decided to participate in the change and we started the Agrivi - an online agriculture management solution whose mission is bringing knowledge to agriculture producers, optimizing their production and ensuring sales of produced fruits, vegetables and crops. We want to change the way food is produced and make positive impact on more than 1 billion people. On this blog we will inform you about our progress, describe product features, show how can Agrivi help producers, but also address major agriculture industry problems to increase awareness about it. Help us! Support us! Let's change the world!