New Year’s Resolution: Smart and Productive Farming

Ines Hajdu

Agronomy Expert

The new year means new beginnings. This is the time when many farmers evaluate the work that is done during the previous year and make decisions for improving their farm management in the following year.


The reason why farmers are doing this is because before heading into the new year, they want to detect the factors that affected their productivity and profitability in the previous year. By doing so, they are able to identify key drivers of change and move their business to a new level.



SMART Goals for Big Achievements

Setting certain business goals is the baseline for deciding what the further direction of farm management will be. Every farmer manages a farm in his own way, and therefore, has its own goals. Generally, reducing farm risks and costs, while at the same time increasing farm productivity and profitability, is the final goal, common to every successful farmer.




However, before setting the goals, it’s important to keep in mind that the goals meet a few requirements. In response to that, the goals should be SMART, which means they are:

  • Specific; the goal that is oriented towards a specific area (e.g. higher productivity)
  • Measurable; the result can be quantified (e.g. increasing yield by 10%)
  • Assignable; it’s determined who is responsible for achieving the goal (agronomy manager)
  • Realistic; which means that it’s actually possible to realize the goal due to available resources, knowledge and time (increasing yield by 95% is not realistic)
  • Time-bound; which means that there must be a set period in which the goal should be accomplished (this season)




Top 3 Life-Changing Farm Decisions

Once the smart goals are set, the race for improving farm business starts. Now, the question is, how to improve farming and take crop production to a new level? Unfortunately, there is no unique answer. Each farmer should choose his own direction of farm management. However, farmers who decide to start the new year by making the following decisions, are definitely on a good way to improve their farm management and achieve a productive year.

The top 3 life-changing farm decisions are:

1. Good farm practices; such as crop rotation, soil fumigation, regular sanitation measures, minimum or no-tillage soil management, planting or sowing resistant varieties, regular field monitoring

2. Careful resource usage; spending resources more wisely, according to the specific needs of each crop and field. This is the basis for a data-driven farm management.

3. Data-driven farm management; making farm management decisions based on data is a baseline for achieving successful crop production. This means that every farm practice is done for a specific reason and managed carefully. For example, a farmer will apply pesticides only in the case when it’s really needed instead based on their feeling.




Make Your Farming Smart and Productive

There is one adage that says “actions speak louder than words”. Therefore, making good farm management decisions is not enough. Farmer’s actions are the main factor for achieving productivity and profitability. In response to that, farmers should put the main focus on the realization of their decisions. In that case, farmers can rely on Agrivi farm management software.



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