Old Farmers Day - October 12

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Agriculture and farming today is largely mechanized and very scientific, but these developments would not have been possible without the wisdom and hard work of old farmers. A farmer is the lifeline of all agriculture - they tend to the agricultural product from the time of sowing to the time it reaches the market. The hardworking farmer is the reason most of us have food on our tables every day. This day is devoted to old farmers and their farming techniques, to give them thanks, listen to them and their stories, and learn from them and their techniques. While the origin of the holiday is unknown, Old Farmers Day is celebrated by many, as a throwback to sustainable farming and farming practices of the old days. The month of October is a very appropriate month to celebrate and honor farmers. At this time, the harvest is largely complete. It means that farmers can take a break from their labors, to enjoy this celebration.

How old farmers before have prepaired their soil for sowing

A farmers' work is long and hard. It certainly doesn't make a person rich. It has its good years, and its bad ones. There is no guarantee of a good crop. Weather, pests, and disease problems often prove disastrous. But, through it all, farmers have persevered. And, their ceaseless hard work sets an example for all.

Thank a farmer for the hard work they do to supply us with food.


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Source of photo: Jeff Cotner