On-time Pest Protection

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Farming can be a beautiful job under an open sky. But sometimes that ''open sky'' determines the flow of farming, total yield, and productivity according to the weather (rain, drought, hail, frost). Since the weather is a major factor in farming, farmers need to manage certain practices to protect their crops from bad weather conditions as well as from various insects and diseases caused by the weather. As they struggle to remain profitable in a highly competitive global economy, farmers must find cost-effective, environmentally-friendly tools to keep insects, plant disease, and other pests at bay. This is where Agrivi farm management software help. On every field marked on a satellite map and linked to a certain type of crop production, we monitor the weather to look for convenient conditions for pests and diseases to occur. If these conditions appear, we’ll notify you so that you can consider treating your crops against these insect pests and diseases. You'll receive this notification on the alarm clock icon on your navigation bar, where you can see on which field and crop a certain pest will occur.



Pest alarm in Agrivi farm management software

Agrivi Pest Knowledge Base

For every insect pest and disease, the system will give you a list of active substances with which you can treat this pest, whether it's chemical, organic, or biological. Every active substance can be clicked on, to reveal a list of commercial products containing this active substance.


The list of wheat pests with active substances in Agrivi farm management software

Custom Weather Alarms in Agrivi

Agrivi has also a custom weather alarms feature, made for farmers who want to create their own alarms. It can be a pest alarm or even a rain or low/high temperatures alarm. To setup an alarm, you have to enter basic information such as time period, minimum and maximum temperature in the observed period, humidity, and precipitation. You can also assign that alarm to a specific crop production and field. When weather conditions overlap with the parameters you entered, the alarm will pop up to notify you.



Custom weather alarms in Agrivi farm management software

On-time protection is the most important step in preventing yield reduction due to pests. Once the growing season begins, the best way to prevent pests is to look carefully and regularly at your crops.

Do not waste your time on walking through the fields. Register on Agrivi now and let the software do that tedious job for you.