Take the Best of Agrivi Farm Management Software

Ines Hajdu

Agronomy Expert

The big picture of agriculture as an outdated activity based on a gut-feeling has been drastically changed. Striving to improve their business performance and manage crop production more efficiently, farmers are increasingly turning to modern Agtech solutions such as Agrivi farm management software.



Globally recognized as one of the top players in the farm management software industry, Agrivi addresses the needs of various stakeholders involved in agriculture, such as:




How to Draw out the Best of Agrivi FMS?

As a complete FMS solution that enables farmers to plan, monitor, and analyze the entire process of their crop production, Agrivi provides numerous possibilities for its users. Still, many of them often ask how to draw out the best out of the platform?

One of the most important aspects here is to define your own expectations from the software. For instance, smaller farms usually need only basic features for tracking and analyzing all farm activities, workers, machinery and resource usage.

On the other hand, large-scale farm companies will often require some additional features such as customizations and integrations with ERP system, precision farming technology, including NDVI, variable-rate technology, weather stations, farm machinery, and other third-party systems. For this reason, every user who wants to draw out the best of Agrivi FMS should be aware of his own needs, as well as his own possibilities.



Another important thing is to find out how Agrivi works and explore its opportunities. Agrivi is a modern platform with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, the best way to explore the software is by using it. In this purpose, all farmers who want to draw the best out of Agrivi FMS should sign up for a free trial following these steps:  

  1. Set up the basis of their crop production

This can be done by entering everything related with the farm business (i.e. fields, workers, machinery, and all items in their inventory such as fertilizers, pesticides, fuel, etc.) throughout the multiple resources entry.

  1. Plan the season and start tracking all farm activities

In order to establish the direction of his business, a farmer should plan his crop yield and all farm activities that will be performed throughout the season. Another important part here is keeping records of performed farm activities, including work hours, farm machinery, and input usage.

  1. Keep an eye on farm analytics

Analyzing overall farm data is one of the most important things for all farmers who want to improve their business. In order to achieve better business performance and draw out the best of Agrivi, it’s recommended to keep an eye on farm analytics regularly.

  1. Download the mobile app

Agrivi FMS is also available on a mobile device for Android and iOS. Farmers who use the support of mobile application can manage their farm directly from the field by using offline mode. That way, the mobile application serves as a supporting tool for the web application and helps farmers stay on the top of their business.

"Agrivi is a modern platform with user-friendly interface. Therefore, the best way to explore the software is by using it."


All farmers who want to draw out the best out of Agrivi FMS should keep an eye on simple but powerful farm analytics


All users who sign up for a free trial will get additional support from Agrivi Help center and our customer support team. Besides that, you can always request a short demo call, as well as a tutorial video guide.

For other agricultural stakeholders who want to get more information about Agrivi software and our business model, we recommend contacting our Sales team who will gladly present you how Agrivi can solve your needs.