Turn-Key Solution for Global Hunger Eradication

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Since the early beginnings, mankind started to produce food in order to meet their own needs. Soon, a humble crop production grew into a whole industry which today employs over 1 billion people, representing 1 in 3 of all workers.

Employment percentage differs across the globe. In developing countries, agriculture is the main human activity and it represents over 60% of all workforce. In developed countries, the major percentage of the workforce is employed in service and industry sector



Employment in agriculture, percentage of total employment (%, 2010)

“Growing food is a revolutionary act and we all have to thank farmers for their devoted work.”


Why Grow Food?

Growing food is a revolutionary act and every farmer should be aware of that when growing crops. He has the ability to feed the world. Exactly. Only one seed is enough to start the crop production which can satisfy needs for food not only for humans but for animals also.

For that reason, being a farmer is a very special call and we all have to thank them for their devoted work. On that occasion, a special day is celebrated across the globe, dedicated to agriculture and its stewards, farmers. Agriculture day has a mission to increase the public awareness of agriculture’s vital role in our society. Therefore, every year this national day has a theme. For the year 2018, the theme is “Agriculture—Food for life”.

“Farmers are the stewards of agricultural land due to their close connection.”



Zero Hunger Mission

Not all people have enough food to eat. Although there is a lot of arable land and people who are involved in food production, still one in 9 people go to bed hungry.  As we know, several reasons have led to this problem:

  • uneven food distribution
  • lack of resources necessary to grow their own food
  • decreased land productivity
  • uncontrolled food waste
  • climate change


The fact is that all these reasons can be diminished. By empowering farmers in their activities and increasing awareness of the agricultural role in managing human society, we can eradicate global hunger.


"Modern farm technology can help in global hunger eradication.“


Technology Has Taken Over Agriculture

Another significant factor in global hunger eradication is an enhancement of farm technology. Today, farmers are able to use various modern farm technology such as high-tech machinery with sensors and geo-mapping, drones and software for tracking farm operations. In the field of farm practices, many improvements help to increase crop productivity, such as drought, water and disease resistant crops, plant breeding, pesticides, fertilizers, and improved farm practices.



However, all of the above-mentioned improvements can't be efficient without the sustainable use of farm resources. Due to the fact that the soil is our irreversible resource, we have to manage it in accordance with its nature while aiming to produce enough food. 

Precisely because of advancements in farm technology, farmers need to strive to more sustainable farming, in order to provide “food for life“ for our future generations as well.

So, enjoy farming and let's celebrate Agriculture Day!