Valuable Data Obtained from Tracking Machinery Usage

Ines Hajdu

Agronomy Expert

Machinery is an integral component of agriculture. Today, most farmers couldn't even imagine working in the field without using some type of farm machinery. Tractors, combines, agricultural trailers, sowing machines, various farming implements, sprayers and many other types of machinery significantly facilitate everyday farm practices, from soil preparation to harvest.

The real reason why farmers use various types of farm machinery is that they want to reduce overall manual labor and manage their crop production more efficiently. What is even more important, by using farm machinery, farmers can save a lot of time and focus on important aspects of their business.



Machinery is an essential farming asset for both, large and small farmers. Moreover, different types of farm machinery are used in all types of crop productions, from conservation to no-till farming.

Each production type has its own approach to machinery management. While no-till farmers practice minimal machinery usage in order to prevent soil compaction and preserve its quality, conservation farmers use machinery without any limitations. Every farmer has a different approach to machinery. However, despite their differences, all farmers have one thing in common: they greatly depend on machinery.


“Despite their differences, all farmers have one thing in common: they greatly depend on machinery.“


Information Hidden Behind Machinery Usage

Tracking machinery usage is important for all farmers who use one or a few types of farm machinery. By tracking machinery usage, a farmer can get two pieces of valuable information for each machine:

1. Total work hours

2. Total amount of fuel consumption

Whether it's purchased or rented, machinery represents a significant farm cost. For that reason, the frequency of machinery usage is one of the main factors when deciding whether to rent or purchase farm machinery.  Besides that, according to the number of total work hours of each machine, a farmer can easier decide the right time for the maintenance. Moreover, planning and distribution of resources is much easier for farmers who track machinery usage per each farm activity. That way a farmer knows exactly how many work hours of machinery is required for a certain farm activity.

“By tracking machinery usage, a farmer can get two pieces of valuable information. “



Another important aspect to consider regarding farm machinery is its fuel consumption. As an unavoidable input required for machinery usage, fuel also represents a significant farm cost. Therefore, it's extremely important for a farmer to stay on top of fuel consumption for each piece of farm machinery and each farm practice.

The picture below shows the example of tracking machinery usage in Agrivi farm management software. Here you can see that Agrivi farm management software provides farmers all essential information delivered from tracking machinery usage.



Successful farmers carefully manage even the slightest detail of their business, including their machinery.

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Image sources: Global Harvest Initiative