Who Stands Behind the Food on Your Table

Ines Hajdu

Agronomy Expert

Without food, there is no life. Still, the need for food is much more than just a basic human necessity. Food is literally the beginning of everything; food is the driver that sustains our organisms and provides energy to our bodies, as well as a way of life. With food we celebrate special moments, make business deals, and nourish relations with other people. In fact, what we eat defines how we live.


In light of aforementioned, have you ever wondered who stands behind the food on your table? Whose hands worked hard so you can enjoy the taste of orange juice or fresh salad?

Each day, farmers throughout the world tirelessly work to produce the food that we all eat. In their honor, on October 12th, we celebrate National Farmer’s Day.

National Farmer’s Day is a special occasion, celebrated with one purpose- to honor the hard work of all farmers who are laboriously trying to feed the world.



A Profession That Requires Special Skills

Being a farmer is much more than just driving a tractor and cultivating the soil. Farmers are purpose-driven people who perform one of the oldest and noblest human activities. Farming is a profession that requires special skills and a lot of knowledge.

Farmers have to listen to their soil and their crops. After all, they both require constant dedicated work and care. This involves numerous activities like soil tillage, fertilizing, field scouting, irrigation or drainage, and many others.

Every successful farmer has to be the doctor of his plant’s health and protect his crops from various pests. Furthermore, a farmer has to be an economist and understand the market. While making a profit, every devoted farmer will also be a true leader and the right example to all his workers.


Rapid technological development, together with global problems such as world hunger and climate change, derived new challenges for today’s farmers. As a response, today’s farmers have to maximize their yield, while at the same time lower their environmental footprint.

Along with that, they have to keep up with new technology, have an open mind to various agricultural innovations, as well as process big data and turn it into valuable information.



In Farmers We Trust

It takes a lot of courage to be a farmer. When the farm season begins, they work from dusk till dawn, without a weekend or a holiday to rest. Growing crops to feed the world is their only occupation. After all, we owe them thanks for our food and we all put our trust in them.