Agrivi Box—Ideal Fit for Input Suppliers

Tomislava Petesic


Agrivi farm management software is a powerful cloud-based solution available as a web and mobile application, intended to help farmers manage all their farm activities and resources easily, without messy paperwork.

We designed a new, one of a kind business model for partner companies called Agrivi Partner Program, with a goal to create mutually beneficial relationships that increase overall success.

It is a unique and innovative business model, intended for selected partner companies that already have an existing farmer network (like various agri input distributors), and wish to expand their product portfolio.

Partner Program allows our future partners to become an official reseller of top-quality Agtech product—Agrivi farm management software by obtaining the software packed in specially designed Agrivi Boxes and offering it as an additional product alongside their current range of products.


“Agrivi farm management software is a cloud solution, intended to help farmers manage all their farm activities and resources.“


Agricultural Software in a Box

When we were thinking of a way how to design our Partner Program, we knew that we wanted to expand and position Agrivi locally through partners and distributors that work with a network of farmers every day. The only way to reach a bigger number of farmers was by packing our software in boxes and placing it on the shelves of the store of their local input supplier. This model fits easily into the existing business model of our partners, and it is a way for them to maximize their profits by offering innovative farm management solutions to their clients.

When a farmer opens up the Box, there are three key things he will find inside:

1. Activation code

To activate his desired product plan, a farmer just needs to follow a few easy steps. Very simple instructions are placed inside the Box, providing a detailed description of the activation process, so the farmer can easily access his account.


By entering the activation code in the boxes shown at the screen, a farmer activates his product plan


2. Success story

The Box contains a short success story from a farmer or a company that is using Agrivi on a daily basis describing how Agrivi has helped them in their business.

3. Farmers' handbook

The most successful farmer's handbook written by our CEO, describing what characteristics farmers need to have in order to be successful, and why measuring key performance indicators is crucial for achieving high yields and a profitable farm business.

“Our unique rewarding partner commission model offers long-term profits through recurring revenues.“

Agrivi Boxes are divided into three types: Starter, Professional, and Premium. Each Box contains a different set of features, divided according to the product plans that we are offering. 


Agrivi Box types and their related features


Farmers Love Tangible Things

Farmers like to get their hands on something, rather than purchasing it online. That's why the cloud-based FMS was made in the form of Agrivi Boxes, that allows farmers to get a physical product into their hands, buy it directly from the shelf of their store or from a sales representative, and use it on any device they have.

The simple ordering of the boxes fits perfectly in the agri distributor's existing business model. Our partner invests in a number of boxes at a great discount and then distributes them to farmers at the nominal price. This unique rewarding partner commission model offers high long-term profits through recurring revenues.



Agrivi Box is the perfect reselling opportunity for resellers of agricultural inputs. If you recognize yourself in this story, and you want to maximize your profits by offering innovative farm management solutions to your clients, contact our Sales team.