AGRIVI Has Officially Become Farming First Supporter

Sandra Peternek


AGRIVI has become a new  official supporter of Farming First, a sustainable global agricultural coalition. AGRIVI will support Farming First with knowledge and expertise in order to further sustainable agricultural development.  

Farming First is a coalition of multi-stakeholder organizations in agriculture, with a mission to endorse and promote practical, actionable programs and activities that help further agricultural sustainable development worldwide.  

With more than 190 organizations worldwide, Farming First is one of the most diverse and active agricultural supporters. The main aim of the coalition is to strengthen the voice of groups with shared views on the importance of improving farming and farmer's sustainable livelihoods.  

When talking about sustainable development in the agriculture and food processing sector, knowledge and culture of sharing experiences are prerequisites for success. Driven by a belief that knowledge and technology support must be available to all agriculture producers worldwide, AGRIVI has built knowledge-based software solutions that help agricultural producers in multiple ways. 

Digital agriculture solutions are important for efficiency improvements within the agri-food value chain. Today, AGRIVI digital agriculture solutions are used by farms of all sizes, by food companies, governments, agribusiness banks, and other stakeholders interested in increasing the efficiency of their agricultural production. 

Farming First creates and shares relevant information about agriculture and it serves as a knowledge network. It has a connective role in sharing best practices, skills, and experience with supporters and all those who are interested.  

The Farming First framework is founded on their six principles for food and nutrition security so as sustainable agriculture:  

1. Safeguard natural resources
2. Share knowledge
3. Build local access and capacity
4. Enable access to markets
5. Protect harvest
6. Prioritize research imperative

As a global ag-tech company with the vision of changing the way food is produced and positively impact over a billion people, AGRIVI is in alignment with Farming First principles. As one of the key global leaders in farm management software, AGRIVI supports farmers in over 100 countries worldwide and works with various stakeholders of the agricultural value chain, food processing companies, ag retailers, and NGO’s.