AGRIVI is Proud of Plastic Free Initiative


As a company, AGRIVI lives and breathes sustainability and that is why we have become a part of the Plastic Free Initiative. 

The goal of AGRIVI as a plastic-free company is to reduce the usage of single-use plastics, encourage employees and be an example company that found alternative solutions, and the aim of this is promoting sustainability that is in AGRIVI DNA. 

The Plastic Free Initiative brings together business organizations that have completely stopped, or step by step are reducing the usage of plastic items and want to find alternative solutions for their employees that will be sustainable. 

Awareness of the global problem of plastic pollution and the desire to solve that problem effectively is an increasing topic in public. AGRIVI as a part of the Plastic Free Initiative, not only expressed concern about plastic pollution but did much more than that. In our offices, the usage of plastic has completely disappeared, and now there are sustainable materials.  

To maintain the status of the plastic-free company, AGRIVI has initiated several steps to reduce plastic in the offices:  

  • Reusable cups, cutlery, bags

  • Separation of waste in all rooms

  • Exploring the potential of recycled material

  • Considering plastic usage when buying company items

It is great that AGRIVI employees recognized the Initiative, supported it, and implemented it in their daily lives.  

We want to encourage and invite other companies to support this initiative because a larger number of stakeholders will quickly raise awareness of the wider community about the need to replace disposable plastic items in our society.  

Only with that approach, we can lead to a reduction in plastic waste in the environment.