Agrivi Launches New Products in its Digital Agriculture Offering

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

New Products in Agrivi Digital Agriculture Offering


Agrivi, one of the global market-leading farm management software companies, has announced the launch of new products within its digital agriculture solution offering.

The company introduced two new products:

  1. Agrivi Precision Field which will support growers to manage their precision agriculture activities
  2. Agrivi Farm Fleet for real-time machinery monitoring and automated machinery data collection

Newly introduced products are complementary additions to Agrivi's core product, the award-winning farm management software platform, supports farmers to digitize their farm operations, make farm administration easier and achieve economically and environmentally sustainable crop production. It serves as a central platform for all farmers' data and brings powerful farming analytics to identify yield drivers and cost savings. Agrivi farm management platform is available in a simpler version for small and medium sizes growers and as a comprehensive enterprise farm management platform for large-scale farms. The platform is being used by farmers in over 100 countries.

„We are on a mission to make a farmer's life easier and more profitable. By introducing two additional products, we aim to reduce the need for manual machinery data entry and make it fully automated. Also, we focus on reducing the number of different software solutions farmers need to use by offering them a full precision agriculture tool completely integrated with the central farm management platform.“ – Matija Zulj, CEO at Agrivi.

Agrivi Precision Field is a comprehensive precision agriculture application that empowers farmers with real-time insights into field conditions, offers a multi-layered analysis of all georeferenced field data and allows the creation of management zones and prescription files for execution of precision agriculture practices. Key features of Precision Field product are:

  1. Multi-layered map analysis of geo-referenced agricultural data
  2. Support for satellite imagery, soil maps, weather maps, crop health maps, scouting observations, yield maps, profitability maps and other
  3. Creation of scouting routes based on identified real-time insights
  4. Management zone creation for variable rate application
  5. Prescription files creation for machinery use
  6. Possibility to upload application data and yield maps


Agrivi Farm Fleet is a fleet management system that enables farmers to have real-time control over their machinery and fuel usage. The product is fully integrated with Agrivi Farm Management Software and enables automated machinery data collection which eliminates the need for manual entry of machinery usage by tractor drivers or agronomists and improves the accuracy level. Key features of Farm Fleet product are:

  1. Farm machinery fleet monitoring in real-time on a map
  2. Tracking machinery routes, work hours, fuel consumption and speed
  3. Machinery usage log automated synchronization with Agrivi Farm Management Software



New products within Agrivi's product portfolio, Agrivi Precision Field and Agrivi Farm Fleet, are fully integrated with the Agrivi Farm Management platform, providing farmers with seamless user experience and a central platform for managing all farming operations and data. Products are currently launched in a test flight mode with first customers and will be available for all customers for the spring season 2020.