Agrivi Talk: Elie Harfouche, Young Farmer from Lebanon

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

In this interview a young farmer Elie Harfouche from Lebanon is talking about his experience of using Agrivi software.

Agrivi: Hello Elie. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Elie: Hello, I'm Elie, 27 years old, from Lebanon. I am an agricultural engineer since 2010 and working for a well reputed Lebanese company as a technical engineer on the Development of research trials on pesticides, fertilizers, IPM, biocides and development projects.

Agrivi: Why did you decide to engage in integrated fruit production specifically?

Elie: During last years I was searching to rent a land on a long term over 10 years and start creating my own orchard to apply new technologies and evaluate yield quality and quantity. It will be a demo plot for the farmers in my region for pushing them to adopt good agricultural practices.


Elie's apple farm covered with snow in winter

Agrivi: How many crops are you growing and at what surface size? Do you have any workers currently employed?

Elie: On a total area of 3.6 ha I grow 1700 trees of apple (Gala 500, Golden B 600, Starkrimson 600), 60 trees of cherry and 30 trees of pear. For now I don't have workers, because my family often helps me to finalize the required tasks.

Agrivi: How did you track your production so far, and why did you decide to use an online farm management system?

Elie: Normally I was using excel sheets to record my data. After that, I have tried many online management systems, but after a long web search I have discovered Agrivi software and find it the best so far. I find out that Agrivi allows me to track my tasks easier and I can also set reminders, view maps, make calculations etc.


Spraying apples in early spring

Agrivi: In your opinion, what are the advantages of using Agrivi? Which features help you most in your production?

Elie: In my opinion the advantages are pest and weather alarms and the finance part. An important feature is also KPI, which is so useful. Overall the system is well organized and simple to use.

Agrivi: Thank you Elie for being a part of Agrivi Talk. We wish you a successful production season!

Elie: Thank you! Bye.