Agrivi Wine Management Module

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Throughout the world, grapevine growers are preparing for harvesting. Finished farm operations like pest and disease protection, pinching off leaves near grape clusters, and row maintenance, farmers need to manage on the highest level to have a profitable harvest and quality grapes.

Agrivi for Vineyard Farmers

Managing a successful vineyard is not easy. Therefore, farmers often use modern tech tools like Agrivi farm management software to track all farm activities, finances and, most importantly, vineyard productivity and profitability, i.e. overall vineyard health. Agrivi allows them to identify why grapes on some fields grow better, find out the exact cost per kg/lb for every variety per field, identify the ROI for every vineyard and analyze the entire farm production.

Agrivi for Winemakers

Wine making has been around for thousands of years. It is not only an art but also a science. Wine making is a natural process that requires little human intervention, but each winemaker guides the process through different techniques, thus making the wine unique. Agrivi farm management software is not intended only for the managing of vineyard activities but also for wine cellar activities. In the Wine Management module, Agrivi enables winemakers to:

  • Manage Wine Cellar Activities

The Wine Management module allows you to monitor all of the activities in the wine cellar during the process of wine production, such as destemming, crushing, decanting, addition of additives, fermentation, and packaging. It gives you complete control over all of the activities in the wine cellar in one single place.


The list of tasks in the wine cellar; tasks can be filtered per bins, activity categories and batches (varieties)

  • Measuring All Important Wine Factors

The Vinary module helps you to keep track of every wine measurement you do – sugar, sulfur, pH, acid, temperature or any other factor significant in wine production.


Measured wine parameters of Cabarnet Sauvignon wine in Agrivi Winery module

You can also analyze all of the measurements in every barrel which gives you an insight into the raio of the most two measured parameters e.g. sugar- acid or pH-alkolhol ratio or something else.


Measurments analysis; you can analyze up to two parameters at once within a single batch

  • Wine Production Traceability & Costs

Use the Wine Management module to get traceability reports for every wine and bottle in your wine cellar with a single click. With traceability, you can see all the steps in wine production, from making of must and wine to packaging. If something happens to a certain wine batch, you'll know the exact date and storage place in which that wine was stored.


Wine traceability in Agrivi Winary module

Whether you have quality certificates or not, Agrivi lets you monitor all important aspects of your production and prepare required reports easily.

Agrivi offers various tools to help farmers manage their production. The Wine Management module comes as a stand alone module or in a bundle with the Agrivi Farm Management module to manage vineyard and wine cellar activities all at once.

Plan your wine production batches and start tracking all farm production activities, use Agrivi.