Analysis of Digital Agriculture Software Industry


TOP 15 Farm Management Software Leaders


Farm management software (FMS) industry, as the central agritech category, is growing continuously with strong year-over-year growth. In 2020, an increasing number of market research companies globally have published market research industry reports on the topics: farm management software, crop management software, and agriculture analytics.

For its own use, AGRIVI has conducted research about the farm management software industry reports published in 2020 by renowned market research companies globally. Today, we decided to share this internal report publicly with the aim to raise awareness among the industry about the strong industry growth and major global farm management software leaders in the competitive landscape.

Digital Agriculture Software Industry Report 2020 profiles the top 15 companies in the industry profiled by 40+ different global market research companies. Top 15 companies are profiled as industry leaders based on the recognition/number of listings in industry reports globally.

Digital agriculture industry growth is driven by:

  • the global need to feed the increasing population,
  • food safety requirements,
  • consumer-driven quality requirements,
  • growing environmental and regulatory requirements,
  • growing investments into technology companies,
  • farmer needs for simplifying existing operations.

Top 15 profiled companies (by alphabetical order): AgJunction, Ag Leader Technology, AGRIVI, Conservis, Cropio, DeLaval, FarmersEdge Inc., GEA Group, Granular, Iteris, John Deere & Company, Raven Industries, The Climate Corporation, Topcon Positioning Systems, Trimble. 

Download the report and find out key leaders' positions – by ranking, core industry, headquarters, and market research companies.



AGRIVI is one of the global farm management software leaders with a global customer portfolio in the agri-food value chain – supporting farms, major agribusiness companies, international food companies, agribusiness banks, and other stakeholders interested in improving the efficiency of crop production.