Farmers in 80 Countries Use Agrivi

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

When we have launched Agrivi 9 months ago, we had one key goal - make our users happy and provide them with the best farm management software ever. Today, we are proud to announce that Agrivi is being used by farmers from 80 countries worldwide! Since launching, we have been working very tightly with our users to improve the product, add features that were missing and make user experience simple and intuitive. Today, I must admit - we did it. Feedback we're getting from farmers on a daily basis is really superb and makes us happy. Let's make a brief overview of what happened since launch:

We are growing in every aspect

  • From 10 pilot farmers to thousands of farmers from 80 countries on all continents
  • From 3 people in January to 5 full time and 7 part-time employees today


We're being recognised and awarded

  • We were selected as Croatian startup representative for 2014 to represent Croatia on Creative Business Cup (Kopenhagen) and World Startup Competition (Seoul) that will take place this month
  • We were recognised on many tech conferences and we're always in TOP startups there - TNW Amsterdam, Shift Split, FoodTech Challenge Milano, Pioneers Challenge Vienna.


The most important - farmers share their love with us on a daily basis! Here is some of it :)

  • "I not only using Agrivi, I am really loving it" - Josip, Croatia
  • "I'm using Agrivi for 3 months now and I don't now how I've lived without it before." - Sophie, Germany
  • "Guys, you're awesome!! Disease alarm just saved my yield, I didn't notice it and loss would be too large later!" - Patrick, Spain


We're working on many more cool stuff to distrupt the global agriculture and bring power to the hands of farmers! Stay tuned with us! ;)  Matija Zulj, CEO & Founder